Good Deeds Seats: The 35 Most Hilarious Comedians of Diversity

The 35 Most Hilarious Comedians of Diversity

Laughing is universal.

Red Grant

Sure, cultural differences affect punchlines, but people love to laugh. A good sense of humor doesn't discriminate.

Our list of the 35 most hilarious comedians of diversity celebrates joke-tellers from all walks of life and from every corner of the globe.

These comedians break down barriers that keep people apart. They do so by uniting us through the power of humor.

Besides the obvious criteria, the 35 comedians who made our list have the passion and talent to hold any audience in the palm of their hand.

While we suggest you look up all the following performers on the internet, to really appreciate their comedic gifts, you need to see them live.

Red Grant

Red Grant is veteran standup comedian. He's also a writer, producer, and director. Grant has had numerous specials for networks like Showtime and Comedy Central. Make sure you're in the audience when Grant plays your favorite comedy club. He'll certainly make it a memorable night, this dude is funny... READ MORE

Rick Krusky